Starting School

Transition Time for Milborne!
Last week our new Reception children had their first visit to school. The children all brought an adult with them to visit Seahorse class....First we needed to chose a story sack. Which story will it be? Now both adult and child head off into the classroom to build a 'book nook' den. Making the most of the environment, we had dens made with chairs and even pegged from the curtains! Great fun was had exploring the classroom and creating a cosy space in some very strange places. When the den was built, adult and child crawled in to share a story. "Knock , knock, is there room for Miss Wittman?" Well, it was a tight squeeze and we had lots of fun trying. In some dens, mum and dad had to leave so that Miss Wittman could fit! In no time at all, it was time to say "goodbye". But we get to continue the excitement at home because our sacks came home too.
Message from Miss Wittman:
It was lovely to see you all last week and lots of fun talking to you in your den. See you all soon - Watch out for me as I will be popping in to your preschool!
F1 children have been back twice more to visit me and both times they were brave enough to come without their adults! We have shared a story and played in the outdoor area. Using rollers and paint to make large marks on the whiteboards, been inside the book nook to create our own puppet show, had messy water play fun and Brodie even made me a delicious hot chocolate in the Mud Kitchen! We have been up to the wildlife area and hunted for creepy crawlies and been looked after by our YR buddies. Goodness haven't we been busy.

The start of a new school term is always exciting - but when it's your child's very first school term, it can feel a little daunting.

We've pulled together some key resources to help you and your child prepare for this new adventure.

Factsheets for parents

These factsheets are to help you support your child get ready for school. It's not about reading, writing and mathematic skills - rather helping children be curious, confident and ready to learn. Take a look at the factsheets by clicking the links below.

2018-19 Reception

Did you join us in September 2018?  Get all of the information you need at our welcome meeting :)  

If you can't make it, take a look at the presentation here, too!  

Select the link below to read and download any information.

We hope that you and your children will enjoy being a part of Milborne St Andrew First School!