Starting School

Transition Time for Milborne!
In the Summer term our new Reception children usually have their first visit to school. The children all bring an adult with them to visit Rabbit class....First we chose a story. Which story will it be? Now both adult and child head off into the classroom to build a 'book nook'. Making the most of the environment, we have dens made with chairs and even pegged from the curtains! Great fun is had exploring the classroom and creating a cozy space in some very strange places. In the strange time of COVID-19 I asked parents to carry the activity out at home and it was very successful. The children had fun building a den and crawling in to share a story so I would like to continue the forever bond built sharing books together at home through this challenge. "Knock , knock, is there room for Miss Wittman?" Well, it is a tight squeeze so why don't you take a photo and add it to Tapestry for me to see.
My favourite author is Julia Donaldson and I have chosen one of her stories (that I don’t think you will have heard before) to share with you... Share a Story with Miss Wittman by watching the video clips.
Who is your favourite author? What is your favourite story? Build a ‘book nook’ den and share your this story with someone in your family. I look forward to seeing you enjoying your story on Tapestry. 
This week instead of sharing a story with me I thought that you might like to join in with one of my favourite things to do ... DANCE! If you use the link below it will take you to my YouTube page where you will find several videos to different songs. The children at Milborne love to move, we call it 'wake and shake' and every class regularly take part in dancing sessions so why don't you give it a go too. Let me know which one is your favourite and I'll make sure that we do that routine together when you start in Rabbit class. Have fun!

The start of a new school term is always exciting - but when it's your child's very first school term, it can feel a little daunting.

We've pulled together some key resources to help you and your child prepare for this new adventure.

Factsheets for parents

These factsheets are to help you support your child get ready for school. It's not about reading, writing and mathematic skills - rather helping children be curious, confident and ready to learn. Take a look at the factsheets by clicking the links below.

2023-2024 Reception

Will you join us in September 2023?  Get all of the information you need from our welcome meeting videos on Tapestry :)    

Home Learning Challenges: 
Each week Miss Wittman will put an activity for you complete; similar to those that she would be doing with you as part of transition.
Please share your learning on tapestry.
Please don't worry if you're finding something tricky. Keep things as simple as you can, try your very best and make sure you share a story every day.
Miss Wittman is looking forward to meeting you all very soon. 
Take care of yourselves and your families. 
Love from Miss Wittman

We hope that you and your children will enjoy being a part of Milborne St Andrew First School!