Chair of Governors Mr Caleb Brown 
Head of School Mrs Michelle Cheeseman
Vice-Chair of Governors tbc
Community Governors Mr David French 
  Mrs. Maria Timperley (Safeguarding)
   Mr Tim Ennion 
  Mrs Kerry Hay  
Parent Governors Mrs Wendy Britton 
  Mrs Clare Pavey 
  We are pleased to welcome Mrs Clare Pavey as our new parent governor and Mr Tim Ennion and Mrs Kerry Hay as co-opted governors.
Staff Governors Miss Jenna Wittman (EYFS; H&S; PE, Sports Funding & OE; SEND & Looked After Children, Gifted & Talented)
Clerk to the Governors  Mrs Debra Graham

Any parent who wishes to contact the Chair of Governors may do so in writing, sending letters care of the school address or by email via the Clerk at

Milborne First School Local Governing Body Attendance Sheet - 2022/23
  26.09.22 17.10.22 28.11.22 30.01.23 13.03.23 22.05.23 03.07.23
Mrs M Cheeseman ü ü ü        
Mr C Brown ü ü ü        
Mrs W Britton ü   ü        
Ms J Witman ü ü ü        
Mr D French   ü ü        
Ms M Timperley     ü        
Dr T Ennion ü ü ü        
Mrs K Hay ü   ü        
Mrs C Pavey  -  -  -        
Mr J Kendle  -  - ü      
Qualifications and disqualifications to serve as a school governor
To be eligible to be school governor, the following conditions stated in the document below are required