Outdoor Education


Why Outdoor Education Matters: The Case for Outdoor Education

Outdoor Education is an engaging, effective and enjoyable form of learning, whether the emphasis is personal, social or environmental, or is about learning itself.  Outdoor Education provides first-hand experience for learning about our natural world. It is also a powerful medium for personal, organisational and cultural change. Many socially useful purposes are readily achieved through Outdoor Education.


  • enhanced personal and social communication skills

  • increased physical health

  • enhanced mental and spiritual health

  • enhanced spiritual, sensory, and aesthetic awareness

  • develops self-esteem, take personal responsibility, co-operate with and respect the needs of others;

  • extends their personal horizons through greater appreciation and understanding of the world.

  • enhanced practical problem solving and team work skills.

  • promotes a positive and knowledgeable response towards personal health and well-being.

Outdoor Education isn’t a single subject or class; it is an approach to learning which can be incorporated at appropriate times into every area of the curriculum. Outdoor Education brings together many different areas allowing children and young people to ‘make connections’ on their learning journey.
Out and about on our welly walk and in the wildlife area ...
Exploring in our outdoor area ...