Regular attendance at school is vital if your child is going to get the best from their education.  The school is legally obliged to record the reason for any school absences.  In view of this it is essential that the school knows the reason for a pupil’s absence from any session prior to the day of absence.  In the event of sickness the school should always be informed by telephone as soon as possible.  If no contact is made by 9.15am, the school will phone the child’s list of contacts to establish a reason for the absence.  The school monitors children’s attendance closely and contacts parents when attendance levels are low.

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Parents please read DASP Attendance Statement below.

The Local Governing body requests that any family holidays are arranged to coincide with school holidays wherever this is possible. Holiday Requests cannot be authorised by the school.

Any request for leave for exceptional circumstances must be applied for in person to the Headteacher.