DOODLE app Top Tips

Ten minutes daily is better than an hour weekly. This is because children forget what they’ve learned – even after a few days – if they don’t keep applying it. So here are our top tips for building a daily habit:

  1. Associate DoodleMaths with a particular daily activity or time of the day. It may be before breakfast, on the school run, or whilst their sibling is reading to you or doing their piano practice. It could be when they get in from school, before they watch a TV program or have their daily blast on Minecraft. Perhaps it’s how they earn that extra after-school biscuit?
  2. Focus on “Streak”, that is, how many days they’ve used it continuously. We track this metric ourselves, and know that over 50% of 7-day streaks turn into 30-day streaks. You’ll find streak information on the parent dashboard and in the parent app.
  3. Put a visible reminder on the fridge. This is especially important earlier on when trying to establish a routine.
  4. Allow local and push notifications when you download the application (or later from your device settings) – then we’ll send a reminder for you.
  5. Download DoodleMaths on all your devices – it will cleverly synchronise their progress, and you’ll avoid that “the iPad’s out of battery/at work/no internet/being used by sibling” situation.