Pastoral Care

Our school's priority is to ensure pupils are safe, healthy, well supported and cared for.  
The school has a named person with responsibility for Child Protection.  This is currently the Headteacher.  The school has a governor with responsibility for Safeguarding.
Our first priority is your child's welfare and therefore there may be rare occasions when our concern about your child means that we have to consult other agencies before we contact you.  The Bournemouth, Dorset and Poole Area Child Protection Committee have determined the procedures we follow.  If you would like to know about these procedures, please speak to the Headteacher. 
Pupil Welfare
We have regular visits provided by the School Nurse.  Parents can call in with any concerns and talk to the nurse.   School Nurse checks take place in school for Reception children and there are periodic checks on hearing and vision. 
Parents are strongly urged to check their children's heads regularly for signs of lice.  See the link below for more advice from the NHS on how to treat your whole family.