Getting Ready to Write

How children use their body to aid their mark making and then writing is by using a sequence of muscle movements. Which muscles they use depends on their stage of development.
Upper Body
Try these...
  • washing walls with soap and brushes
  • painting with mops
  • playing swing ball
  • painting trees with shaving foam
  • big digging in sand and soil
Elbow Pivot
Try these...
  • pulling bodies up on ropes/ climbing wall
  • ribbon/ scarf twirling
  • sawing wood
  • making patterns in the sand with lollypop sticks (turned on their side)
  • sticking and pulling plungers from surfaces
Wrist Pivot
Try these...
  • threading
  • sewing
  • dabbing with a sponge of brush
  • fishing game
  • splatter painting
Take a look at 'dough gym' below to explore all the crucial development stages that get the children ready for writing. We will be starting 'dough gym' in September but maybe you and your child could try some of the activities out at home.