Ethos of School

The Governors and staff of Milborne St Andrew First School aim to provide a caring and friendly community in which children can flourish and where both their educational and their personal development will be promoted.


Our school community prepares pupils to be caring, sensitive and responsible members of the community in which they live, and of any other communities into which they may move. Children are encouraged to develop into confident, capable individuals who enjoy life thoroughly and help others to enjoy it. The school curriculum, which is matched to children’s needs and levels of understanding, supports this development, encouraging children to reflect upon their own lives and their friendships and relationships with others.


Central to the ethos of our school is high achievement in all areas of school life. We strive for high standards of academic success and behaviour. Our staff are committed to creating an atmosphere where children are encouraged to do their best, and to enter wholeheartedly into all that the school has to offer. We reward achievements as well as celebrating learning behaviours which promote success such as resilience, perseverance, creativity and problem solving.


Milborne St Andrew First School takes pride in its reputation for friendliness and hard work. Children wear the uniform of Milborne St Andrew First School with pride, and try to present themselves smartly, and to be worthy ambassadors of our school community. During the year, there are opportunities to represent our school through various sports teams and events. Children take great pride in being ambassadors for our school.