Weekly Awards

17th November 2017

Well done to everyone who received a weekly award




    `Jigsaw` Star








No Awards Given Yet.


No Awards Given Yet.


No Awards Given Yet.


No Awards Given Yet.






Ayla – adding numbers by making 10, then counting on.



Samuel – capital letters, full stops, spaces, using `and` & using `ing` endings.



Rosie – good at keeping the classroom safe by tucking in chairs.


Megan – choosing word of the day when Mrs Andrews forgot.








Kim – for working really hard on subtraction this week. Kim can take away a 2 digit number using the counting back method, with a number square and the column method.



Josh – for writing some great information about how penguins communicate. Josh is really trying hard to improve his hand-writing too!


Ethan – for always trying his hardest especially to improve his joined writing.   Also for working hard at home to extend his learning in maths.


Kacey – for using great vocabulary to describe superheroes (villain, disguise)







Oliver – for his presentation.


Kobie – for self-correcting.


Adele – for always doing the right thing and being a good friend to everyone.


Samuel – big improvement in grammar, capital letters and full stops.