Weekly Awards

22nd September 2017

Well done to everyone who received a weekly award




    `Jigsaw` Star






No Awards given yet.


No Awards given yet.


No Awards given yet.


No Awards given yet.





Isaac – reading all phase 2 phonemes



Ayla – sounding out words to write a list and spelling `ing` correctly.



Megan – nominated for being really helpful, especially with Demi.


George – remembered to use the word of the day `atrocious`.





Rhia – for working independently to answer questions on `Little Red Riding Hood`.



Abbie – for working so hard on her handwriting and using her resources well to help herself.


Joshua – for having a wonderful start to year2. Working hard, being polite and helping others – even without being asked.



Freya – for thinking of excellent `wow` words to describe the characters in `The Gingerbread Man`





Max – great improvement in reading to visiting adults.



Harry – for writing some great ideas for his story.


Betty – for settling in so well after being poorly.


Hattie – for her great use of contractions.