Chair of Governors Mr. Matt Way (Foundation Unit)
Headteacher Mrs. Sharon Hunt
Vice-Chair of Governors  
Community Governors Miss. Jane Pope (EYFS; Humanities)
  Ms. Patricia Padwick (SEND; Looked After Children; Gifted & Talented and Art & Design)
  Mrs. Maria Temperly (PE; Sports Funding and Outdoor Education)
 Parent Governors Mr. Darren Pye (Mathematics; IT and Safeguarding)
  Mr. Chris Matthews (Science) 
  Miss. Lorraine Dallemeir (Pupil Premium)
Staff Governors Miss Jenna Wittman (EYFS; H&S; Outdoor Ed; PE; Sports Funding; SEND; Looked After and Gifted & Talented)
Clerk to the Governors Mrs Anita Bonham

Any parent who wishes to contact the Chair of Governors may do so in writing, sending letters care of the school address.

Qualifications and disqualifications to serve as a school governor
To be eligible to be school governor, the following conditions stated in the document below are required