Whole School Sports Day 13.7.17

Yesterday afternoon we had our school's sports day.  After a very rainy day previously, it was great to see the sun starting to peek through the clouds in the morning. As we eagerly awaited our races, the day got brighter and brighter!  Finally in our coloured kits, we made our way onto the field... Each class started on a different station and rotated round the track competing as a team in egg and spoon races, bean bags target throws, javelin distance throws, sack races and hurdles races. Once all complete we headed into the centre of the track to experience running! First up were the toddlers then we watched and celebrated as the mum's and dad's joined in the fun. Then it was YR turn to compete followed by each class in turn and which included the sports leaders, who were supporting the event, from St Mary's. Wow! Milborne has some very speedy sprinters! Seahorses fastest sprinters were Martha C and Reuben, Dolphins were Isabella and Josh, Turtles were Honor and Lewis G, and Puffings had Isla, Hattie, David, Ellie and Oliver who had the fastest time of the school! Finally it was time to conclude with the Y4 relay which was won by Griffin. Well done to everyone who took part. This year Phoenix team took the trophy while Eddie from Unicorn celebrated being awarded the team work cup.  Did you spot Miss Wittman running up and down the track?  Thank you to everyone who came along to cheer us as we ran our races and celebrate in our sporting success.