Weekly Stars

22nd June 2018

Well done to everyone who received a weekly award




    `Jigsaw`  Star








Phoenix – for using water to compare & measure capacity.



Brodie – for his neat careful writing to Tom Bear.


Sophia – for good listening, following my instructions & asking if she is not sure.


Bea – for using good words to describe containers in Maths `deep` `tall`.






 Reader – Rosie – Asking Questions during guided. -


Martha C – being able to estimate well – how many activities she could complete in 1 minute.





 Demi – for working hard in our lessons & confidently putting her hand up to answer questions.


Jemima – for remembering to use correct punctuation.







Abbie – for super work with pictograms and for helping other children who were finding it difficult.


Freya – for lovely descriptive writing about `The disgusting Sandwich` found outside our classroom.



Ethan – for showing great resilience in his writing and for always being so kind and thoughtful towards others.



Kacey – for always spotting the SPAG rules we have learnt and remembering to use them in her writing.







ReaderMiley – for being so confident in reading our class book. `Excellent Excuses`.


Tess - for always working hard to get the extend activities and helping others to be successful.




Leo – for always being on his best behaviour, always trying his best in lessons and always being kind.



David – for working really hard to remember capital letters in all of his writing.