Weekly Stars

15th June 2018

Well done to everyone who received a weekly award




    `Jigsaw`  Star








ReaderMaisie – recognised & said all of her phase 3 high frequency & tricky words.



Lucas – writing his news in a sentence with finger spaces, using his sounds to write words & beautiful handwriting.


Luke – chosen by Mrs Mitchell for hard work.


Norbie – Making sure he has finger spaces.






Martha S – working hard in our lesson on `Mass` - confident when faced with a challenge.



Martha S – for writing a fantastic seasonal poem which is on our WOW writing display.


Ayla – always trying her best and showing kind and caring behaviour.


Isaac – trying hard to attempt tricky spellings.







Ethan – for fantastic work in `time` finding durations of time.


Timmy – for beautiful handwriting in his Father`s day card. He has discovered how well a sharp nib writes.



Anya – while waiting for her maths book to be looked at she chose to help another child in the class who was struggling.  Very thoughtful.


Abbie – for remembering a range of punctuation even when writing a rough draft in her notebook.







Emi – for doing well in her GL test.


ReadingDavid – for doing well in his GL test




Willow – for being a great role model.