Weekly Awards

25th January 2019

Well done to everyone who received a weekly award





`Jigsaw` Star







Nayte – keeping on trying with the tricky task of tying knots.



Oliver showing Mums & Dads during stay & play his handwriting.


Georgepersevering with task.






ReadingLucasnoticing new sounds we had learnt and knowing to say words in capital letters loudly.




ArtPhoenixmaking a collage in the style of `Mondrian` and giving it a name.


Maisiecoming to school confidently.







Reuben – for working really hard this week and spotting words where `ing` had been added to words and remembering the rule to get rid of the `e`.




George for using a non-fiction text to answer questions and he even did an extra one.  He also remembered to keep his handwriting very neat.


Samuel – for always trying his very best, having a smile on his face and being a lovely member of the class.