Weekly Awards

18th January 2019

Well done to everyone who received a weekly award





`Jigsaw` Star







Edana & Keira – being able to spell tricky words `I`, `no`, `go`, `to`, `the` & `into`.





Erin being more focused on tasks & working hard to complete them.






Reading – Dominic going up a stage.



Literacy Brodie – memorising 2 sentences from a non-fiction book.


Phoenix confidence in performing her poem she learnt by heart.







Jasper – for helping another child with their work and reminding them that `because` is a purple pen word.



Martha Cfor working conscientiously in both writing and maths this week, and always trying her best.


Scarlette – for always trying her best and never giving up.  She always has a smile on her face and is very brave about doing things she doesn`t want to.








Josh B – really taken control of his learning and tried to focus.  He has asked for help when he is unsure and tried to work independently when he does know.




Archie – He has sat down and done any piece of work he has been given to do this week, without a fuss and completed some of it independently


Kacey Really lovely to see her helping other people.  Doing some work with year 3`s on nouns and she slowed down doing her own work to help and work through it with 2 other children.