Weekly Awards

23rd November 2018

                                                           Well done to everyone who received a weekly award





`Jigsaw` Star







Erin – recognising & reading tricky word `the` in her book.



Krystiangood roll & trap of the ball in P.E.


Lyra challenging herself, showing mum how to write her number in `stay and play` rather than using Miss Wittmans numbers.







Brodieremembering facts about the fir of London and explaining clearly.




Sophiaremembering purple pen spellings and learning spellings at home.


Lucas offering to be maths mentor for the children who hadn`t finished their work.







Lizzie – for great partner work in maths by discussing the problem to find all the solutions. Also demonstrating great performance skills in our play rehearsals.



Scarlette for focusing on her sentence structure when writing her recount and working hard on writing good sentences for her story.


Theo – working conscientiously in all subjects this week, particularly Art & Literacy. Also being a great role model for working with different partners and ignoring distracting behaviour from others.








Abbie – great work trying to improve adjectives to describe.



Rhia general attitude to learning, focus and when given corrections, taking time to do them.


Ethanwaited patiently during school play rehearsal when not needed.