Weekly Awards

16th November 2018

                                      Well done to everyone who received a weekly award





`Jigsaw` Star







Nayte – watching & carefully changing his movements in PE to make them better.



Edana – listening carefully & identifying our `WOW` words in the story.


Oliver – noticing Max was upset & saying “I`ll look after you”.






Dominic – Readingfor sounding out long words in class.



Esme – Spellingremembering purple pen spellings in her work and learning spellings.


Phoenix – helping other children if they need it, at playtime or in class.







Aylafor thinking of great adjectives in her fire poem.



Darcie & Reuben - for great partner work in maths.


Demi – for making an effort and always being kind & helpful to children on her table.







Etta – concentrating and focusing on her spellings in her writing.



Lewis G – helping other people with their learning on a few occasions, even missing some of play to help.


Josh A – excellent behaviour all around the school. Really upped his game, doing pink comments & trying really hard.