Weekly Awards.

23rd February 2018

                                             Well done to everyone who received a weekly award




    `Jigsaw` Star






Lucas – for using his sounds to read (CVC) 3 letter words.



Brodie – for developed concentration & positive attitude; writing more, using his sounds when writing. (I)



Esme – for having a `can do` attitude, trying her best & persevering until it is finished.


Norbie – for thinking of opener `a long, long time ago` & using in his writing.





Maths – Ayla – knowing that it is helpful to use a ten frame to add 2 numbers.



Kacey – finger spaces, spelling and handwriting brilliant when writing about Scaplens Court.


Amy – settling in so quickly & making lots of friends.


Martha Cremembering the phonics learnt in class.





Joshua – completing all the Cougar books.



Abbie – some fantastic, completely un-aided writing. Using a great range of vocabulary to engage the reader.



Timmy – for being polite and caring.


Freya – trying hard to use a wide range of punctuation in writing. Using syllable knowledge in reading.






MathsJosh A for his hard work & perseverance in solving 2 step word problems.

Hattie – for her wonderful questions during our reading lessons.




Adele – for always trying her best.


Lewis G – for his chocolate bar advert.