Weekly Awards

8th December 2017

Well done to everyone who received a weekly award




    `Jigsaw` Star






No Awards given yet.


No Awards given yet.


No Awards given yet.


No Awards given yet.





Maisy – excellent reading & confidence with new words.



Darcie – writing half a page independent news. Using capitals, full stops and `ed` endings.



Reuben – for good behaviour and excellent singing during Christmas play rehearsal.



Jasperspelling lots of tricky words correctly - `was`, `the`, `my` and `little`.





Timmy – worked really hard on sounds and blending when reading and breaking longer words into chunks.



Keenan – for using the writing tools independently to help him with his work.


Etta – quiet helpful member of the class. Always trying hard.


Rhia – nominated by Mrs Pratt – tried hard to use descriptive words in her writing.” In a flurry of twinkling stars”






Maths Ezzie – for problem solving finding lots of ways.



Tess – for her report writing on `hedgehogs`.



Isla and Brooke – both model students.


Isla – fronted adverbials.