Weekly Awards

1st July 2016

Well done to everyone who received a weekly award







Lizzie – (Maths) for positive `I can` attitude; always has a go at solving tricky maths problems.

Freya – for her fantastic story – spent X2 exploring times writing. J Persevered.

Keenan – has worked really hard this year on using his words when things don`t go his way & seeing more positive interactions as a result.J Well Done


Honor working very hard in phonics lesson and remembering spelling rules.

Willow – writing an excellent story with apostrophes, connectives, full stops and brilliant spelling.

Iliana – helping Mrs Andrews with computing and being patient.




Flora – broadening her range of reading to include Shakespeare and sharing this with the class.


Connor – has been trying really hard to write more and challenge himself.


Samuel – always has a positive attitude and is a great role model, especially as a school council representative.


Ronnie – Nominated by Mrs Mitchell, she says it`s a pleasure to listen to Ronnie read. He is clearly engaged in the books he is reading.

Ellie – For making excellent progress this year. She always thinks carefully about using engaging vocabulary.

Edward – Always wanting to do his best and having enthusiasm to complete his work.