Weekly Awards

13th May 2016

Well done to everyone who received a weekly award





Jigsaw Star


Kim – for developing her reading confidence; brought a book in from home and read to the class.

Rhianne – for her enthusiasm & positive attitude; practising spellings at home and trying to write in `sparkle` (cursive)

Alicia – recommended by Mrs Gough; for her hard work & listening, when Miss Wittman wasn`t in.




Emi – applying her phonic knowledge when reading. Reading word `moist`, “If I add `ure` on the end it will say `moisture`!

Adele – writing sentences with capitals, full stops and the word `and` to join..

Willow – excellent behaviour and role model to the class.



David – showing a great interest in the books he is reading. Discussing them well and asking & answering questions.

Betty – wrote a recount about `Sunny`s (the meerkat) return. She tried hard with spelling and hand-writing and worked independently.

Isla – always a cheerful, polite member of the class. Helpful and a good friend.



Charlie – when listening to a story, he is able to identify the writers’ techniques that make it engaging.

Ronnie – for writing an interesting diary entry from the perspective of a subordinate character..

Lily Bagwell – for being a `caring caterpillar` and for always offering to help others and Miss Jones