Weekly Awards

4th March 2016

Well done to everyone who received a weekly award







Kim – for using 3D shape names in class & teaching daddy at home!

Alicia – for breaking up a word into sounds & then using magnetic letters to place them in the sound boxes (phoneme frame) independently.

Anya – for being a super role model; always caring & considerate of others, works hard and is polite & helpful.


Harry – using cm to measure length accurately.

Lewis G – handwriting, punctuation & spelling in his newspaper report on the Loch Ness monster.

Illiana – for Good Behaviour all week.


Tess – showed perseverance in puzzling out a challenge question. It took her a long time but she didn`t give up!

Flora – worked very well on past tenses, including many irregular verbs.

Alfie – always starts the day with a huge smile, bounces back from any upsets and tries hard to help everyone.


Toby B – for helping others achieve by being an effective maths mentor.

Georgina & Lillie (Brown) – for using their outdoor environment to punctuate a sentence.

Toby J – for making excellent progress in all areas of his learning – he has done this by focusing, trying his best and being extremely conscientious.