Weekly Awards

28th September 2018

Well done to everyone who received a weekly award


Any Subject


    `Jigsaw`  Star








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No awards Given Yet


No awards Given Yet






WritingSophia improving her writing.



Brodie – being helpful


Finley – remembering phonics and using them.








Literacy - Jemimaused great adjectives in her work on settings: choppy sea, swooshing & white cottage.




Kaceyfor being very helpful and caring.  On several occasions this week I have noticed her helping different children, if they were upset or struggling in some way.



Amy – for choosing a powerful adjective to describe her sandwich - `scrumptious`.







MathsLewis B – has been brilliant at learning about parallel and perpendicular lines.  He has worked through logically and helped when others were unsure.




Josh B – for always trying, keeping going, not giving up, especially in writing.  Showing great perseverance.  He is of course always smiley and kind too.



Isabella – I have been really impressed with her letter (to the Queen) and particularly impressed with her editing skills to improve it afterwards.