Weekly Awards

29th September 2017

Well done to everyone who received a weekly award




    `Jigsaw` Star








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No Awards Given Yet.






Maisy – finding lots of ways to answer a question and recording as an equation.



Martha C – spelling words using the phonics she knows and handwriting.


Lizzie – polite, helpful and good role model for the school.


Reuben – thinking of a word for `word of the day` “pluck”.







Ethan - for being very conscientious and catching up on work he missed while on holiday and helping a partner with some tricky number sequences.



Anya – having a go at using commas this week.


Abbie – for being a hard-working helpful member of the class.


Etta – for using interesting adjectives and openings.







Lewis G – problem solving – place value.


Alfie – for writing and reading an amazing poem for the poetry competition.


Max – for trying so hard in his learning.


Harvey – for using correct punctuation in his story including commas after adverbials.