Weekly awards 28.9.15

28th September 2015

Well done to everyone who received a weekly award





Jigsaw Citizen


No awards given yet!

No awards given yet!



Archie – writing numbers correctly

Ava – remembering capital letters, full stop, finger spaces and commas.

Josh – tucking all chairs in (even other peoples) without being asked.


Brooke – working hard on her maths homework, sequencing numbers and making up a challenging sequence for me to complete.

Connor – good collaborative working with yr 2 and 3`s in drama. A confident performance.

Kobie – thinking about everyone`s right to learn by helping others, not distracting anyone.


Henry – For his work on Roman Numerals to solve number sentences.

George – He has shown a deep understanding of the theme of our book “Bill`s New Frock” – stereotyping.

Flynn – For always following the class charter and respecting everyone`s fight to learn.