Seahorses trip to The Priest`s House Museum

Sea horses Class trip to The Priest`s House Museum
The children in Seahorses class have been looking at toys for their topic this term. They have been comparing their modern toys of today with toys and games from Victorian times.
On arrival at the Priest House Museum the children were met by one of the museum staff dressed as a Victorian cook and after being split into 2 groups, 1 group went to the Victorian kitchen to use old weights and scales to measure out ingredients for making gingerbread men. While the other group of children stayed to play Victorian games such as marbles, feather whafting, `Queenie, queenie, who`s got the ball`and `In and out the dusty windows`.  The groups then swapped over. 
After snack time, the children went into the museum display for 1 group to make `peg dolls` and the other to look at the Victorian toys and equipment.
The toys in the museum were so fragile and old that the children had to wear white cotton gloves (just like the antiques show `Flog it`) to handle some of them.  There were dolls made from leather & china and a stuffed dog called Caesar, who was commissioned by Queen Victoria`s son and heir Edward VII who had a real dog called Caesar who stayed with a family local to Wimborne, whose children really missed the dog when he left.  
The other toys were a dolls pushchair and a 4 wheelled bicycle made from wood, metal and leather that didn`t have any brakes.