Athlete Visit

On Wednesday, 3rd February the volley ball athlete Chris Gregory came to our school for GB athletes. We were sponsored to take part in four exercises: spotty dogs, leg drives, press ups and star jumps. Once we had completed our exercises we became cheerleaders for the other children taking part.
Flynn Davis-Pye
He held an assembly all about him. We learnt that he's six foot ten and that he eats marmite and pooridge every day for breakfast and drinks only water. He told us his journey to become the amazing athlete that he is. He told us he was inspired by an athlete who has now sadly retired but he told Chris that being tall was good and that he should be a volleyball player. Chris showed us what he had to do when he was trying to do when he was trying to accomplish being a volleyball player and that was to go to someone else and see if you can jump high enough to get the ball out of their hands - it was really fun!
Darcie Brown