School Organisation

Our school’s admission number is set by the local authority at 23 children. This means the school may admit up to 23 children into any year group (Reception to Year 4). Being a small village school our intake numbers fluctuated from year to a year and as a result the organisation of our classes may change from one year to the next. For example during 2011/12 the school ran 3 class bases; whereas during 2012/13, 2013/14 and 2014/15 the school ran 4 class bases.  We currently have 4 classes, Seahorses, Dolphins, Turtles and Puffins. 

We also have an Early Year Foundation Stage Department within our Seahorses Class and are delighted to welcome children aged 3 and over.

 The Governors and Headteacher meet to decide on the class organisation of the school based on pupil numbers, the school budget and the needs of groups and individual children. All decisions are made to ensure the best possible context for learning for our children.