Our Learning

Dinosaur Discovery Taking Place at Milborne St Andrew First School

Miss Wittman and her Young Palaeontologists


“Roaring Success”


Miss Wittman has had a very pleasant term, spent in the company of the budding paleontologists and young dinosaur fans. Dinosaurs has been the topic for the term for the reception class and the children has been busy “boning up” on prehistoric animals as well as demonstrating their developing writing and creative skills.

Fossil Evidence: What do we know about dinosaurs and how do we know?


Jasper rolled and pressed his play-dough flat. He chose a dinosaur skull from the pot. He looked closely at his skull "hmmm is it T-Rex......no sharp teeth....which dinosaur is it?" He picked an information book to look through, turning the pages to look at the pictures. "I think it is Apatosaurus". He then pressed the skull into the play-dough to make his own fossil.


Seahorse Class have become dinosaur experts!

We investigated fossil evidence; created our own dinosaur skeletons; explored dinosaur “digs” and excavated dinosaur fossils from the sand pit.

Kacey used her funky fingers in the investigation station. She excavated fossils by carrying out a mini Dino dig! Kacey found this challenging but she persevered and managed to dig a fossil free. She then used her brush to clean the fossil. It's hard work being a fossil finder!


We imagined what it would have been like to be one of the world’s first palaeontologists!


Travelling back in time using our imagination to picture the UK covered in forest, swamp, rivers and lakes in our small world play.

An ‘Eggciting Discovery'...


Upon arrival at school we discovered an egg in classroom. Wow! The children were convinced that it was a dinosaur “because it is so big!”


Theo has been very interested in our egg: every day he checks if the dinosaur has hatched. He wanted to make sure that the egg was looked after so he built a nest for the egg using natural materials. He even wrote two signs, using the sound mat and attached them to the tray to keep the egg safe: 'Be careful' and 'Don't touch'

Learn about dinosaurs through discovery and play.  When our egg hatched, there was a trail of destruction as the dinosaur fled!

Seahorse Class went on a dinosaur hunt...

Fossil Hunting on Dinosaur Day...Wow what discoveries we have made!

Look what we have found...Ichthyosaurus' snout and teeth discovery! Spike from a stegosaurus' tail and the nose horn from a triceratops! T-Rex tip toe imprint, egg and teeth! Allosaurus skull, footprint and toes bones!

Spotted…Dinosaur Invasion!

On dinosaur day, we met Baby Jack, who is an Allosaurus! All the children were very excited and came up to say hello. Everyone thought that he was very cute.

While Baby Jack was being put back in the van, we nervously awaited our next visitor! An excited shout and a few shuffled steps back announced the arrival of Sophie through the playground gate...We very bravely watched as she walked towards us and then with Miss Wittman's help we went over to say hello. Sophie had a big roar that made us jump but she let us stroke her and give her a tickle under the jaw! When we were about to say goodbye, Sophie was getting a bit fed up from the heat...she chased us all back inside! Miss Wittman was nearly gobbled up!

The Summer term came to a roaring conclusion with a visit from a T-Rex!