October 2018

5th October 2018

Well done to everyone who received a weekly award.




Any Subject


Jigsaw Star







No awards Given Yet


No awards Given Yet


No awards Given Yet







WritingPhoenix – learning and using spellings.


Lucas – tucking in chairs to keep us safe.


Esme – Learning spellings







Literacy – Darcieconsistent conscientious work in Literacy (+ other subjects!) sorting writing today into paragraphs and persevering when asked to make improvements in bossy verbs.



Ayla – been a good friend to people in class and trying to play with a variety of people.


Isaac -







ReadingTimmy – excellent acting for our expressive reading.


Kacey S – has been on the star and rainbow lots this week.  Great working, trying and working hard.



Archie – writing competition tried really hard at home and decided on a great plot for his story.