Weekly Awards

12th October 2018

                                      Well done to everyone who received a weekly award


Any Subject


    `Jigsaw`  Star








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Art - Maisiemaking a beautiful bookmark using Autumn leaves.



Harrysetting a good example with behaviour.


Dominic – learning his spellings very well.







Maths – Darciegreat example of recording all the ways representing a calculation.  Also extremely neat Plus fantastic effort in her homework.  She produced a habitat, fact sheet & poem.




Amy super helpful in class without being asked.  Putting books away for those children who were out of the room.


George – looking at words ending in `tion` on our spelling.  He has been thinking about these and came up with `migration` and `irrigation`







Art – Willow – for her brilliant attention to detail when doing a self-portrait, and drawing what she sees, not what she thinks she sees!




Ezzie – worked really hard to catch up when she goes out of lessons.  Always tries her hardest and doesn`t get dis-heartened when she can`t do it.



Freya – excellent vocabulary in `Titanic` Kennings and in `boys` sentences.