Weekly Awards

20th October 2017

                                             Well done to everyone who received a weekly award




    `Jigsaw` Star






No Awards given yet.


No Awards given yet.


No Awards given yet.


No Awards given yet.





Martha C – excellent reading especially reading poem for harvest service in church.


Ben – greatly improved writing especially spaces between words.


Jasper – excellent attitude in class, trying hard and being polite.


Lizzie – introducing new vocabulary to the class.





Freya – for reading with great expression



Rhia – for good comprehension work. Rhia remembered punctuation and answered the questions fully, using the question to help her. She also tried to keep her writing neat.



Joshua – for excellent behaviour, effort, team work and attitude over the half term, accompanied by a happy nature and huge smile.


Ethan – for trying hard to use all the punctuation he knows in his sentences.





MATHS* Ily -


`Whole of Puffins Class`


Oliver -


Ezzie -