Weekly Awards

23rd October 2015

Well done to everyone who received a weekly award





Jigsaw Citizen


No awards given yet!

No awards given yet!



Ava – solving maths problem.

Ilianawriting questions and using joined script.

Leo – following class charter



Eliza-May - for great enthusiasm in maths, even practising lots and lots at home.

Isla – writing a lovely thank you letter to one of the parents for helping with Cinderella’s wedding.

Finley – always shows care and consideration to others.


Kiana and Caragh: good team work when problem solving.

Lily Bagwell – For her diary entry from the perspective of Bill, from “Bill`s New Frock. Saying her sentences out loud before writing them

Ania – For giving everyone friendship tokens – she`s caring, kind and happy and always has a smile on her face.