Weekly Awards

24th November 2017

Well done to everyone who received a weekly award




    `Jigsaw` Star






No Awards given yet.


No Awards given yet.


No Awards given yet.


No Awards given yet.





Lizzie – reading all year 1 & 2 common exceptions.



Jemima – writing half a page independently and remembering the story very well,



Kit – for keeping the classroom safe and tidy by tucking in the chairs without being asked.



Samuel –`power write` about wanting a pet unicorn and that he would feed it magic.





Rhianne for excellent reading of her character in the play. She used the directions for her actions and put lots of expression into the character.

Isabella – although she struggled with some tricky words in the play she persevered and showed great resilience (and read really well in the afternoon)



Kim – for writing an excellent super-hero fact file. Kim had beautiful handwriting and really thought carefully about her spellings.J


Joshua – for helping another child get changed after P.E. without being asked. What a Gent!


Keenan – for using an `!` at the end of an exciting sentence.





Archie – for all his progress working with Elsie, `the reading dog`.


Leo – for always adding lots of detail.


William – for extra effort to do the right thing.



Harry – for self-assessment.