Weekly Stars

25th May 2018

Well done to everyone who received a weekly award




    `Jigsaw`  Star








Finley – for doubling his ingredients to make soup for his partner.



Phoenix – for beautiful careful letter shapes. (neat hand-writing)


Luke – for being an excellent role model, always trying his best.


Bea – for remembering `once upon a time` as an opener for our story.






Reading – Amy - working hard to read her phonic sounds.



Ayla – resilience, keep trying with her writing.


Martha S – Achieving all her targets in writing.


Martha C – models good citizenship, resilient, co-operative, caring & courteous.








Rhianne – full marks in Maths arithmetic.


Kacey – concentration – one error only in her grammar paper!



Timmy – co-operation when sitting on the carpet.


Isabella – Science prediction using knowledge to help prediction & explaining it well.








Ava – for completing her fractions mastery questions.



ReadingBetty – for reading excellent excuses with so much expression every time.



Emi – for always trying her best to finish all her work.


Illy – literacy punctuation for writing her stone age diary.