Weekly Awards

26th May 2017

                           Well done to everyone who received a weekly award




    `Jigsaw` Star








Reader- Samuel – recognises and reads all P4 (sea bites) tricky words



Ben – using time words to sequence his news writing.


Martha C – for hard work & positive attitude; her perseverance is showing improvement in work, particularly writing.


Kit – Opening his sentences with days of the week & finishing with an exclamation mark.






Kacey – dividing shapes & numbers into quarters.


Isabella – joined handwriting & improved spelling.


Etta – working hard all week & being a good friend to all in the class.



Joshua – using the word `fiery` to describe a dragon he was going to wash.








Adele - for her confidence in telling the time and practising so much at home.



Ava – for extending her writing and really varying her sentence structure and openings.


Archie – for being a real star all week! Archie has worked so hard and is really trying hard to make the right choices.



Emi for using excellent vocabulary to `up-level` her sentences in our power write this week.







David – for excellent maths homework. He showed me his working out + did extra!



Isla – for writing 2 pages of her weekly news unaided. She worked quietly & her hand writing was beautiful.


Joy – for not giving up on her `bike ability` course & giving it a go.


George – good use of vocab in his science work.