Weekly Awards

31st March 2017

Well done to everyone who received a weekly award




    `Jigsaw` Star







Maisy – Telling the time for o`clock!

Martha – using opener when writing IND. Story.

Kit – being more positive in the mornings, saying `goodbye` to mum confidently.


  Lizzie – used opener & time word in her story.





Keenan – explaining how to work out a problem and knowing which calculation to use.


Ethan – using capital letters, including for names and full stops in his science writing.

Ethan – offered to be a friend.








Archie – for working really hard on doubling. Archie worked on his own and recorded his work really neatly.


Reader-Ezzi – For thinking carefully about why the author used certain words in the story. She said the author used certain words to describe the girl so the reader could picture what she looked like.


Emi – for being a lovely member of the class and being really kind and caring to the other children.


William – for coming up with some super sentence openers. E.g. Suddenly, Luckily, Eventually.







Ashleigh – for having a positive attitude to her maths & doing extra work at home, to help her improve her maths.



Tess – for constant outstanding work. Other teachers are impressed with her writing and I always look forward to her work.



Kobie – for helping his team in dodge ball.

He was a real team player and helped his fellow puffins.