Weekly Awards

18th March 2016

Well done to everyone who received a weekly award







Josh (reading) – for recognising and reading all phase 2 & phase 3 sounds confidently and using phase 2 sounds to read words by blending.

Ethan – for his excellent `Goldilocks` story; where he used his sounds to type independently.

Freya – always trying her best in learning and class charter responsibilities; polite, friendly and caring.


Eddie – working out ½ and ¼ of numbers

Ezzi – writing a sequence of sentences which all made sense because Ezzi re-read to check.

Honor – for being a good citizen


Isla – worked hard to complete division problems.

Finley – using very descriptive sentences in his adventure story about `Sunny` the meerkat.

David – really helped Alfie when working together in Science.


Ted – identifying angles in a shape.

Ania – for using the success criteria carefully when writing an information paragraph and reading it clearly to the class.

Ellie – for her enthusiasm to participate in discussions and share her ideas.