Weekly Stars

29th June 2018

                                             Well done to everyone who received a weekly award




    `Jigsaw`  Star






Harry – for having a love of books; going to the library & following instructions to make Jupiter.



Maisie – for going back the next day to improve her work; neater & smaller hand-writing with finger spaces.


Lucas – for working hard with Miss Young when she was covering the class.


Sophia – knew how to improve her friends work with capitals, full stops and finger spaces.





Jack – for reading his real & alien words in the year 1 test with confidence and accuracy.


Maths Kacey – can count in 2`s, 5`s & 10`s with no help.



Theo – for writing twice as much as the other children because he volunteered to scribe for Kit who has a broken arm.



Darcie – becoming more resilient and not giving up.


Lizziefor using all the rules and phonics she has learnt to spell.