June 2017

9th June 2017

Well done to everyone who received a weekly award




    `Jigsaw` Star








George – using a number line, working out & recording `subtract 3`


Megan – can spell phase 2 shark bites & some phase 3 fish tricky words.


Jemima - is a kind and caring friend who makes sure that everyone can join in.


Jack – noticed & cemented `c` words we had learnt when reading.






ReadingTimmy – perseverance (spelling) keeps practising and doesn`t give up.



Abbie – most improved handwriting this term.


Rhia – for changing for P.E. quickly so everyone got a lot longer P.E. lesson with Mr Daily.


Kacey – good description “I heard the birds chattering.”







Reading – Adele – reading beautifully and discussing her book well `on camera` (in spite of having a sore throat and croaky voice!)



Honor - for using excellent adjectives to describe her journey in `story writing` this week.


Willow – for being a lovely member of the class and an excellent role model.   Willow always does her best and is eager to challenge herself, while always having time to support others.



Ezzie – for punctuation – particularly good work in using the possessive apostrophe.







Brooke – for practising at home & when stuck, for not giving up when we are doing tricky maths.



Kristian – holiday log/diary whilst on holiday.