Weekly Awards

30th June 2017

Well done to everyone who received a weekly award




    `Jigsaw` Star








Martha S – for her work with capacity; estimating & measuring containers.


Reader Maisy – persevering with HFW & tricky words; more confident sight recognition.



Ayla – being good role model; following class responsibilities.



George – noticing when someone makes a `good word` choice.






Reader Abbie – excellent reading using expression.



Anya – increased stamina, writing at least one page.


Ethan – sensible & reliable member of the class.


Rhia – beginning to use commas and question marks.







Ava and Ezzi for working really well together to find fractions of different numbers.



William – for writing a lovely `message in a bottle` to a turtle! Williams’ handwriting is so neat now; he remembered capital letters, full stops and used question marks in the right places.





Adele – Trying hard to use good choices of vocabulary and `WOW` words.







Grace – for really applying herself & working hard.


Toby B – for writing 2 pages on Saxons


David – for correcting his behaviours in a grown up way.



Extra special Award to Tess for writing a project book on space.