Weekly Awards

17th June 2016

Well done to everyone who received a weekly award





Jigsaw Star


Kacey – for increased confidence & fluency; relying less on sounding out each word.

Ethan – for his positive attitude; keeps trying and is now forming smaller, more controlled letters.

Seahorse class – for being confident caterpillars for our class assembly.




Ezzi – reading all her phonemes for year 1.

Archie – trying very hard & succeeding in improving his handwriting..

Eddie– keeping class safe by tucking in chairs, even if it`s not his own..



Eliza-May – enthusiastic discussion of story and trying hard to sound out and blend sounds in unfamiliar words – using the context to help her.

Maths Callum – working conscientiously in our lesson on 3D shape and using the shapes well to help himself when needed.

Kobie – being really encouraging to the younger children when playing Kwik cricket at playtime. Showing them how to play and supporting them.



George – for always completing his reading record, posing questions during our guided reading sessions and using the glossary to look up unfamiliar words.

Jasper – for using irregular superlatives & comparatives in an advert to describe his robot.

James – for always trying his best. Having a positive attitude.