January 2019

11th January 2019

Well done to everyone who received a weekly award





`Jigsaw` Star







George – Blending sounds to read confidently



Lyra – Practising her `sparkle` letters at home, big improvement in handwriting.


Edanais more positive when approaching new tasks & including her friends in what she is doing.






Maths -  Maisie for recognising 2d shapes & spelling rectangle & triangle.



SpellingHarry for learning 2 spelling cards at once and getting them all correct.



Sophia – offering to look after a child who was upset.







Lizzie – for checking her work carefully, asking Mrs Gough what the `pink` was for when she wasn`t sure and making changes to improve her work.




Megan for a detailed interesting diary of her holiday.


Darcie – for being very brave when she hurt her wrist.  She even carried on in literacy and managed to write about her Christmas holiday.







AdeleOver all learning – completely amazed me at how hard she has tried in every single lesson all week.  She has had a go at everything, even when she wasn`t sure…… keep it up!



Maths – Josh AImpressed with how hard he has been trying in maths, working to fix any bit he doesn`t understand. Happy to do any corrections.  It is a great attitude.



Rhia trying to include people in her games and making sure people are not left out!