Weekly Awards

26th January 2018

Well done to everyone who received a weekly award




    `Jigsaw` Star






Phoenix – for reading the sentence back after using sounds



Luke for using our cloudland story to write his own version independently.



Finley – for his positive attitude; has really tried hard this week and not gotten upset when making mistakes.



Esme- for using `One day` to start her story.





Martha S – reading exclamation sentences with enthusiasm & using her “Shi - ! Ha” when she say the punctuation.



Kit – reading his pink improvement prompts and making his work better. (Wrote 1 sentence on Wed and 10 on Thursday.



Ben- for good behaviour and trying hard in all his work all week.


Isaac- learning all his phase 2 sounds and most of his phase 3 sounds.





Keenan – for reading with lots of expression.


Abbie – for her power write this week. She missed the planning lesson but remember all the previous work that we`d done. Tried hard to sprinkle adjectives throughout and used speech punctuation.


Isabella – for being such a conscientious learner in all areas. Managed to complete her life-cycle, label it and then write some information about the butterfly.


Etta- for really concentrating on re-drafting and improving her story.   It is a difficult skill and she made some good changes. (adjectives, punctuation, spelling)






Ethan – who found evidence in the text to support his answer.



Leo – for writing his amazing information text.


Josh – for all his extra effort.


Eliza- self-correcting her work and making changes and improvements to her grammar.