Weekly Awards

27th January 2017

Well done to everyone who received a weekly award





Jigsaw Star




Darcie – finding the answer by `counting on`.



Ayla – using sounds to write words in a sentence.


Kacey – Being a kind and caring friend; looking after others when they are hurt.






Timmy – splitting `teen` numbers into 10`s and 1`s and then taking away from the 1`s.


Kim – beautiful hand-writing & using connectives `and` & `then`.


Alicia - for looking after children at playtime.




Adele – for working really hard to learn the ten times table!



Emi For an excellent piece of writing this week. Emi remembered finger spaces, capital letters, full stops and even used speech marks correctly! J



Josh – for making an excellent effort this term with his writing in particular. Josh is writing a lot more now in his book, his handwriting has really improved and he has a great attitude to his work.





Eliza – perseverance – she has been working so hard and always tries her best. Also been a star with her writing “I want to be a better writer” & for not giving up.



Flora – writing has improved so much recently. Really trying.


Isla – always helping and being kind to others during her learning and play.