Weekly Awards

29th January 2016

Well done to everyone who received a weekly award







Alicia – knowing `1 more` & being able to find on number line to write date.

Abbie – for writing her bear caption independently using sounds and finger spaces: `he is faded`.

Joshua – for being a good role model; using manners & being helpful.


Joshua – finding missing numbers in addition & subtraction equations by using his knowledge of number facts.

Leo – writing 2 sentences to define a word for a glossary. Correct punctuation and used the word `and` to join.

Lewis G – will offer to change group to be with someone who is on their own.


Flora – had a spell of illness over last few weeks but has worked incredibly hard to catch-up with the maths she missed, ensuring she understood by asking questions

Samuel – wrote a lovely description of his favourite toy and compared it to Victorian toys for homework.

Brooke – A real role model for the class. Always happy and eager to learn and willing to help any of her classmates.


Kiana – Excellent maths when X 3 numbers together – also her participation in lessons.

Edward – for his imaginative BIG WRITE that included a prologue.

Woody – confident, conscientious and friendly.