Intra-School Competitions

Multi-Skills: Thursday 24th September
Mr Dailey and his Year 8 Sports Leaders are back! They had set up a variety of Multi-skills stations to test our agility, balance and co-ordination....Time to show what Milborne children can do.


On Thursday 29th January it was time for every child in the school to test their gymnastic ability.

The hall had been set up with various gymnastics equipment designed to test childrens flight, balance and travelling skills. As well as their ability to control their movements and show a flowing sequence.


On Tuesday the Year 3 and 4 pupils competed in a Basketball Competition. This was a test of the pupils basketball skills and game play ability.

The 8 best team players and players who showed the most promise were selected to compete in the Inter Basketball competition, at St Mary's Puddletown Middle School, next Thursday.


All the children took part in activities looking at skipping, sprinting, throwing, balancing and hand eye co-ordination. Each child scored points in relation to how well they performed on each of these stations.