Inter-School Competitions

Milborne Football Festival
Milborne hosted this annual football festival, which is made up from children in years 3 & 4 from DASP (Dorchester Area Schools Partnership) First schools, with seven teams in all. 
Competition was fierce! All of the games were refereed by `year 8` sports leaders, from St Mary`s Middle School and sports leaders also kept a running score sheet as well as 'coaching' a team from their past school. Jack Hamilton was an excellent 'coach' for Milborne and got our team up and moving as soon as they were on the field! He got them warmed up, explained the rules and even put them in positions for drills. Miss Wittman would like to say a big thank you to Jack. All of the teams tried their best, especially as some of the players were getting very hot but they were kept going by refreshments provided by Milborne Friends of School including hot drinks and cake for the cheering spectators! This year the competition was won by Piddle Valley First School. With Frome Valley being presented a 'player of the festival' award. Milborne showed sportsmanship qualities and were great representatives of the school. They persevered with a positive attitude and were supportive and respectful of their own team members but also of other team members taking part. Miss Wittman was very proud to have Brooke, Toby B, Toby J, Oliver, David, Samuel and Arthur on her team. WELL DONE TO ALL  WHO TOOK PART.
Mini - Pyramid Year 3 Basketball Tournament
There were 6 teams from all of the feeder schools including Milborne, Puddletown, Frome Valley, Piddle Valley, Cheselbourne and Broadmayne that took part in the competition which was held at St Mary`s Middle School, Puddletown. Each team played each other in a 5 a side game and each team had to play with least 2 girls playing in every game. Our team consisted of 3  boys and 2 girls from year 3; Kobie, Arthur, Samuel, Brooke and Isla.  Although the Milborne team came 5th they played with great enthusiasm.  The overall winners of the competition was Broadmayne First School. Well Done to all of the teams who took part.
Etta, Timmy, Josh A and Honor represented our school at the DASP multi-skills competition, held at Puddletown Middle School. All enjoyed a variety of activities ranging from bean bag aiming to running with a huge bouncy ball! Points were awarded at the end of each activity and tallied up at the end of the session. Milborne was awarded 5th place and the children were presented with certificates. We were particularly proud of children who showed sportmanship qualities and were excellent representatives of our school.
Year 4 Tag Rugby Festival
Early in November an excited group of 7 mixed yr 4 children took part in the DASP `tag rugby` festival at St Mary`s Middle school, Puddletown with yr 8 sports leaders and Mr Daily.
The first hour was spent doing 6 different activities to quicken up their feet and test their manoevurability to help with the tag-rugby games that followed.
There were teams from Broadmayne, Puddletown, Piddle Valley, Cheslebourne and Frome Valley First Schools, so 5 games of 7 a-side tag rugby were played.
The Milborne team, which consisted of Toby B, Toby J, Oliver, Ania, Joy, Kieran and Ashleigh were cheered on by the willing parents who had stayed to watch and a great time was had by all!
The overall winning team were Broadmayne First School and Milborne came second.
`Well Done` to all those who took part.


On Thursday 29th January it was time for every child in the school to test their gymnastic ability.

The hall had been set up with various equipment designed to test flight, balance and travelling skills. As well as the ability to control movements and show a flowing sequence.


On Friday 21st November 4 pupils went off to St Mary's Puddletown Middle School to take part in a Multiskills Festival. They were to compete against the 5 other school's from the St Mary's pyrmaid

These pupils were chosen from the results of the intra multi-skills competition that took place at school, with Mr Dailey and the Sports Leaders, last half term.

Tag Rugby

On Friday 7th November a team went to St Mary's Middle School to take part in a Tag Rugby Festival.

The Pupils learnt about some basic rules of the game as well as some skills such as passing, tagging and tackling before competing against the other Puddletown feeder schools in a tournament.

The Pupils battled through some torrential down-pours and played some high quality Rugby to finish a respectable 4th place.

Year 3 Mini-Pyramid Athletics Tournament.
The team of year 3`s took part in many activities including hurdling, standing long jump, triple jump, bean-bag throwing and relay.  Some of the activities were scored as a team and some as individuals, with our team winning lots of the events and also breaking records.  Well Done to all of those taking part!
Milborne team for the Kwik Cricket Tournament.
The Mini-Pyramid Kwik Cricket Tournament was held at St Mary`s Middle School for mixed teams of KS1 children 5 from year 1 and 5 from year 2.  The first part of the morning involved different activities to help improve the children's throwing, batting and fielding skills.  Mr Daily was in charged helped by some year 7 sports leaders.  After each `station` was completed, the children had to play several games of Kwik Cricket against other mini-pyramid schools where they had to score as many runs as possible but Mr Daily was also looking for teams working well together.  Milborne came joint 2nd with Puddletown and Piddle Valley and the overall winners were Broadmayne.  Well Done to all of those taking part.