February 2019

8th February 2019

Well done to everyone who received a weekly award





`Jigsaw` Star







Max – for using his sounds to write a news sentence all on his own.



Lyra – spelling tricky words `I`, `no`, `go`, `to`


Nayteoffering to help friends with their coats at play-time.

Sparkle pencil – George, Lyra, Edana & Erin.





EsmeReading - confidence when performing her poem to the class.



FinleyWriting - using? correctly


SophiaAlways trying her best and setting a good example to her peers.







Ben – for working very hard in maths this week on multiplication.  Ben even helped other children when he had completed his own work.




Amy for excellent reading.  Amy was sounding out tricky words and was able to sound out `disappointed`.


Evie – for being very brave this week when she fell over and

Continued to have a smile on her (rather grazed) face. J







Isabella – reading - reading every night.  Not just reading, but discussing what she has read and applying new learning to her reading.



 Kacey taking time to practice her maths unsure and doing some work independently to make sure she knows what she is doing and feeling more confident.



Lewis Bkind and working as a great team member with anybody he works with. Will include anyone at playtime.  A real kind person.