Weekly Awards

24th February 2017

                                            Well done to everyone who received a weekly award




   `Jigsaw` Star





Megan – Recognising tricky words in guided reading & as such becoming more fluent.

Samuel – Carefully formed letters in `sparkle`.

George - Having kind hands & happy play-times this week.

Rosie – writing instructions in mud kitchen during exploring: used `just` in her work.




Rhianne – for always trying hard with her reading & talking about what she is reading.

Alicia – beautiful neat joined writing, writing over a page, spelling `ed` endings and using conjunctions.

Keenan – asking if Mrs Andrews was alright, when she tripped over.





Honor – reading beautifully and discussing the story well in guided reading.

Joshua – excellent news report of his half-term holiday. Remembering capitals, punctuation and conjunctions and writing neatly.

Ava – a great attitude to all aspects of school life and for being particularly conscientious about spelling lately.

Eddie – Using all the VCOP strategies in his weekly news and writing independently.




Ania – for trying really hard with her reading with adults. Making excellent progress.

Maths Ethan – trying really hard with perimeter work.

Ashleigh – for looking after other `Puffins` and being a helpful, considerate and kind puffin.

Yr 3`s and 4`s now have pen licences.